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The Palestinian Institute
for the Study of Democracy

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Muwatin, The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy, was founded in January 1992 to promote the study and development of democracy in Palestine and in the region. Muwatin was established at a critical juncture when, for the first time in their history, Palestinians were able to govern themselves while seeking to establish an independent and sovereign state. Muwatin is committed to playing a clear and effective role in the process of democratic transformation in Palestine. It is governed by an independent Board of Trustees and is based in Ramallah, Palestine.

Founded by a group of scholars and academics, Muwatin, whose main focus is on issues of democracy, is the first of its kind in the area. Working to contribute to the process of democratic transformation in Palestinian society in particular and, in Arab society in general, Muwatin seeks to achieve its aims through networking and activism, research and publication, preparation of educational material and its dissemination to schools and the general public, training workshops, symposia, seminars, and conferences. Through such activities and venues, it raises critical issues of relevance to its objectives, linking with Arab and international organizations.



   To initiate a full and wide ranging debate on democratic issues and options and to provide a public space for debate on the need for a democratic transformation of Palestinian political and civil life.

  To actively intervene in the reform of the Palestinian political system through policy directed research and public education campaigns on governance issues such as reform of legislation, the separation of powers, reform of political parties, and issues concerning transparency and accountability.

   To identify the actual or potential actors in the transition to democracy in Palestine including political parties and mass based movements, and to engage them in debate and provide them with intellectual assistance and critical resources, in the belief that such engagement could have real impact for the transition to democratic life.

    To help build a strong research community in Palestine that will produce original research including policy oriented research, thus building a knowledge base on the processes that affect democratic transformation in Palestine, and that can influence policy formation at the highest level.

     To actively engage in the practical dissemination of democratic ideas and culture through its series of publications, targeting specific audiences such as teachers and students at both the university and school level.

     To help rebuild the intellectual links between Palestinian and Arab thinkers, links that have been adversely affected by long years of isolation imposed by the Israeli occupation.

Board of Trustees



        Dr. Mamdouh al-Aker

Chairman of the Board

        Dr. Majdi al-Malki


        Ms. Samia Huleilah


        Dr. Umaiyah Khammash


       Dr. Kamal al-Shrafi


        Dr. Reema Hamami


      Dr. Samia al-Botmeh


      Dr. George Giacaman

General Director (Ex-officio)

       Dr. Najwa Irsheid


      Dr. Christo Barsheh


      Ms. Zeina Darwish


    Dr. Mustafa Brghouti Member

       Dr. Islah Jad